A good cocktail, like a fine wine, should have an aromatic component, a body / mouth feel, and a finish. We strive to create drinks as fresh as possible, balancing acids with homemade sugars and salts. We are at the farmer’s market every week and utilize market ingredients focusing on seasonality and complementing cuisine.

The MAIN difference in our cocktails is the use of fresh juices. We never use juice not fresh squeezed in house, on location, or within 12 hours of the event. No Perricone, No Concentrates, No Cranberry (unless it’s in season!) We make every syrup, shrub, and every tincture.

wedding ceremony tables full of fruits and herbs, berries and crushed ice.

bridal shower’s with hazelnut dark chocolate, champagne, sparkling rose, and jasmine blossoms.

VIP birthday parties, bar mitzvah’s, and backyard barbecues.

mojitos, margaritas, and mimosas


Ruffled Blog “Paintapalooza”  Cocktail Design


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